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Mauboussin Mega Sundae 0

Bagatelle $1,000 Ice Cream Sundae

The French-inspired Bagatelle, New York, will be adding the Mauboussin Mega Sundae to its luxury menu this coming May 2014. It features a staggering $1,000 price tag owing to the finest ingredients used and the...

Mega Millions Logo 0

World’s Biggest Lottery Jackpot

Whilst the EuroMillions is responsible for Europe’s biggest lottery jackpot (£161.7 million or US$260 million), it by no means compares with the staggering lottery prizes on offer in the United States. Only last year, fortunate...

New One Pound Coin 0

New One Pound Coin Unveiled

After 30 years of loyal service the current £1 coin in the UK is being retired to make way for the new, more secure, model. It comprises a 12-sided pound coin based on the design...